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Laser Cutting Machine

    1. Laser Cutting Machine for Airbag, CMA2125C-FTEquipped with CO2 glass laser tube, our CMA2125C-FT laser cutting machine for airbag can achieve high speed and mulit layer cutting process. Its transmission structure adopts imported high precision gear rack and linear guide rail to ensure that our laser cutter is stable and reliable, which with good dynamic performance and strong load capacity.
    1. Metal and Non-metal Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1309-B-A1. Fully enclosed protective cover structure.
      2. The beam structure is made of high strength aluminum alloy, compared with the traditional steel beam, this metal and non-metal laser cutting machine has the advantages of light weight, small resonance, and smoother operation.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine (Fiber Laser Cutting), CMA1530C-G-ACMA1530C-G-A laser cutter machine uses a fiber laser to create powerful laser beams that get the cutting work done. Both stainless steel and carbon steel cut very well on this fiber laser cutting equipment. Compared to a low power CO2 laser cutter, CMA1530C-G-A laser machine gives faster, more precise and electrically efficient cuts.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1325C-G-BThe laser cutting industry is extremely price conscious. Everyone wants to spend as little as possible and achieve desired cutting results in an acceptable manner. YUEMING's economical type laser cutting machine is good for your pocket without compromising on cutting quality. This powerful laser cutter is cheap to own and works very well with thin sheets of metal.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1325C-G-AThe linear guide rail and the screw rod feature high rigidity, large transmission torque, and free vibration. The accuracy is five times that of the non-metal cutting machine with belt transmission system.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine (For Non-metallic Sheets), CMA1325C-B-Anonmetal laser cutting machine should be just enough. In industries as diverse as advertising, tooling, and artwork, the large-format laser cutting machine for non-metallic sheets delivers great stability and highly detailed craftwork.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1390CThe CMA1390C laser cutting machine is the updated version of the ordinary product. Employing modular design and steel frame structure, the laser cutter is quite stable during operation. Besides, the humanized design, as well as the offline EM controller, brings you convenient working experience.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1814C-FETThe X-Y moving system is configured with φ8 guide bar type external guide rail, resulting in rapid and convenient installation and maintenance. Besides, the quality control system is equipped for the moving system.
    1. Sofa Fabric Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1821C-F-A1. CMA1821C-F-A sofa fabric laser cutting machine produced by Yueming is a dedicated equipment for manufacturing sofa.
      2. Equips with single laser head, laser power is supplied from 80w to 130w.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine (For Airbag), CMA2125-FEquipped with an RF tube CO2 laser, our laser cutting machine features a high light spot density, low maintenance charge, and a long service life.
    1. Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1625-F1. Our flat bed laser cutting machine uses the hardened machine tool made of reinforced material, linear guides and accurate gear driving system to ensure the durability, stability and precision.
      2. It utilizes an automatic feeding system ...
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610FET-CThe steel frame structure for the automatic laser cutting machine ensures the standard mounting surface of the moving system, as well as the sturdy and steady lathe bed. The velocity of movement is 2-3 times the speed of the metal plate laser cutter.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610VTThe positioning system captures image via CCD camera, through which the work piece can be recognized automatically for accurate cutting. No manual intervention is required.
      The material cutting is conducted with the shortest cutting patch. It decreases the working time, and improves the working efficiency by 10%-20%.
    1. Automatic Pickup Positioning Label Cutter SM-960 ModelYueming Laser always carries out deep and continuous research and develoqment in textile, embroidery and label and badge industry under the detailed and precise attitude of YM,GM series laser cutter.In order to meet the demands of abmormal irregular and type processing ...
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1313-TDue to the implementation of rail beam profiles, linear axes and linear-motion bearings, our laser cutter has a compact structure, thus bringing extra convenience for adjustment and maintenance.
    1. Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, CMA-6040 1080 1390 1610 1810 19101. SmartCarver controller built from internationally advanced 32 digits DSP chip greatly improve the performance of the engraving cutting machine.
      2. The use of automatic light decline compensation technology promises perfect cutting effects.
    1. Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, PN-1080 1380 14901. Its software supports auto CAD, CoreIDRAW, CAD, CAM and other graphical software, thus directly outputting pictures.
      2. The laser machine is equipped with USB port, which supports hot plug and can quickly transport data ...

We are a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, located in China. Years of experience enables us to provide a wide range of products, such as automatic feeding laser cutting machine, LED protective special laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, etc. These products are characterized by high precision, fast speed, wide application, low cost, etc. Some features of our laser cutting machines are shown above.

As an ISO9001 certified laser cutting machine producer, we are committed to providing high quality and stable performance products for our valued customers. To this end, we conduct a series of quality control measure. For example, we adopt internationally-advanced production technology and equipment. Additionally, all raw materials are strictly inspected before they are allowed to be used in production. As a result, our industrial laser equipment is reliable, durable, and well received in America, Germany, Canada, Japan, Brazil, India, etc.

If you are interested in our laser equipment, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are glad to serve you!

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